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I grew up in a small town just outside of Medicine Hat, Alberta. I always had a camera in my hand, starting with disposables and finally getting my own film camera when I was 10. Photography was just always there, always that thing that made sense to me. I worked in camera sales and photo labs for almost a decade, which taught me so much but drained my creativity. Once I moved to Calgary in 2014 I knew it was time to finally let myself do what I had been dreaming of my entire life but I still wasn't sure how. Eventually, I fell into festival photography quite naturally, as it merged my two favourite things. I'm a quiet observer and I pour as much feeling and passion into every photo I take as possible. I want you to be able to feel the emotions and the soul of the moment. I like to mix retro tones with vibrant colours to create surreal nostalgic imagery. 

Some notable collaborations:

Freq Magazine | Shambhala Music FestivalBass Coast Festival | Astral Harvest National Music Centre | BassBus | Sub Chakra

If you'd like to chat shoot me an email at info@brittrose.ca 

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